steve and sharon – wedding

you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but the groom, steve, has some moves. capping a gorgeous day for a spring wedding, steve set the tone on the dance floor during the reception. as good as steve was on the dance floor, sharon was just as easy to take pictures of as a beautiful bride. brandywine manor house played host to the ceremony and reception, and as always, the surroundings proved to be a great backdrop.regesterpre-1 regesterpre-2 regesterpre-3 regesterpre-4 regesterpre-5 regesterpre-6 regesterpre-7 regesterpre-8 regesterpre-9 regesterpre-10 regesterpre-11 regesterpre-12 regesterpre-13 regesterpre-14 regesterpre-15 regesterpre-16 regesterpre-17 regesterpre-18 regesterpre-19 regesterpre-20 regesterpre-21 regesterpre-22 regesterpre-23 regesterpre-24 regesterpre-25 regesterpre-26 regesterpre-27 regesterpre-28 regesterpre-29 regesterpre-30 regesterpre-32 regesterpre-34 regesterpre-35 regesterpre-36 regesterpre-37 regesterpre-38 regesterpre-39 regesterpre-40 regesterpre-41 regesterpre-42

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