July 2016

zach and courtney – john james audubon center wedding

courtney is one of four girls in her family, so if zach could handle getting the approval of three sisters, dealing with the 95-degree heat on their wedding day would be no sweat. the two found enough shade under the quaint orchard at john james audubon center and the day went off without a hitch. a perfect sunset led into a crowded dance party for the reception.

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michael and laurel – wedding

michael and laurel had the unique opportunity to see their fathers play major roles in their wedding ceremony. with both the dads pastors, each had their say in their child’s momentous occasion, and the result was an emotional and moving ceremony. michael and laurel lit up the room wherever they went, finishing their big day at the william penn inn for the reception.

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jordan and taylor – warrington country club wedding

the big breaths of air inhaled by jordan as he saw his bride, taylor, for theĀ first time as she walked down the aisle to him told the story. it’s as big a moment as jordan has experienced in his life and it’s likely one he’ll never forget. taylor, in her beautiful wedding gown and bright blue eyes, was enough to take jordan’s breath away and the two had a nice, cozy wedding in the courtyard of the warrington country club. the rest of the night was filled with tears sparked by old pictures and family videos, and wild dancing and laughter on a crowded dance floor.

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