August 2016

alec and dineen – rehoboth beach engagement

when you wake up at 315 in the morning to drive 2 hours for a sunrise engagement shoot, you risk not only being exhausted, but potentially letdown by mother nature. fortunately the sky put on a show as the sun rose over rehoboth beach and alec and dineen only added to the spectacular scene.


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eric and katie – wedding

it was one of those days when a shower pretty much mandatory afterwards. eric and katie put on a bayside party at the deauville inn in strathmere, nj, and it was a fitting venue for low-key, up-for-anything group. between the hot august sun and the sand as the dance floor, no one left feeling clean and i don’t think anyone minded. secret service provided the music with a pretty wide range, and as the sun set, the fun was just beginning.

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rick and kim – wedding

there was rarely a time when the groom, rick, could be spotted without a smile. with an everyday positive disposition, rick was in all his glory on his wedding day, as kim kept his pearly whites showing all day. the ceremony was cozy, tucked away in a small garden at the flourtown country club and the reception was an apt celebration.

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