January 2017

dan and elaina – aldie mansion wedding

this wedding was a long time coming. like, long, long time. dan and elaina are high school sweethearts and on a cold friday in january with a fresh coat of snow on the ground, the two finally made it official. the aldie mansion in doylestown is always an amazing venue, but the snow accents only enhanced its magic.

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joe and danielle – new year’s eve wedding

joe and danielle know how to put on a party, and they picked the biggest party night of the year to do it. it was a marathon day, but it all came together flawlessly, as 2016 turned into 2017. we started with bridal portraits at one of the coolest chapels in the area, at the church farm school. from there, the day ended at the valley forge sheraton, where joe and danielle kicked off 2017 in style.

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