June 2016

rich and colleen – wellwood wedding

getting to the chesapeake bay is always worth the trip, and even better when there’s an awesome couple to photograph there. rich and colleen had a picture-perfect day in charlestown at the wellwood and the two only added to the magnificent backdrop of the bay, just past their ceremony site.

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jd and sara – bear creek wedding

i met jd and sara all the way back in 2014 and when their day finally arrived, it was well worth the wait. the day went off without a hitch, with a potential torrential thunderstorm minding its own business and a backdrop at bear creek resort that was perfectly picturesque. jd and sara kept their end of the deal, looking the part, and some, making the day a huge success.

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sean and laura – wedding

i have known sean for a good bit of time, evening rooming with him for a year in college. having said that, i commend laura on her quest to live the rest of her life with him. in all seriousness, both sean and laura got themselves a winner, and they pretty much had the perfect day in stone harbor. the two saw each other for theĀ first time at the stone harbor bird sanctuary, and after fighting a strong sun on the beach, the day wrapped up at the reeds at shelter haven for a beautiful bay-front ceremony and a lively reception.

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ryan and jess – wedding

for the majority of their preparation, jess and her bridesmaids had beyonce as their soundtrack, setting the tone for what would become a big time wedding day. jess, with flowers braided into her hair and flowing dress, matched perfectly with the john james audubon center’s backdrop, while ryan, in his sharp three-piece suit, added to the cool of the day. whether or not it was beyonce-inspired, ryan and jess made their own version of a power couple.

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