April 2015

shawn and steph – wedding at manor house at prophecy creek


on this day in late april, steph’s love for two things — shawn and tulips — were on full display. between planning the wedding in perfect timing for her favorite flowers, as well as having over 500 tulips beautifying the venue, steph was in all her glory. she also made shawn’s day, looking stunning. the two had a great spring wedding and quite the dance party.

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steve and sharon – wedding

you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but the groom, steve, has some moves. capping a gorgeous day for a spring wedding, steve set the tone on the dance floor during the reception. as good as steve was on the dance floor, sharon was just as easy to take pictures of as a beautiful bride. brandywine manor house played host to the ceremony and reception, and as always, the surroundings proved to be a great backdrop.regesterpre-1 regesterpre-2 regesterpre-3 regesterpre-4 regesterpre-5 regesterpre-6 regesterpre-7 regesterpre-8 regesterpre-9 regesterpre-10 regesterpre-11 regesterpre-12 regesterpre-13 regesterpre-14 regesterpre-15 regesterpre-16 regesterpre-17 regesterpre-18 regesterpre-19 regesterpre-20 regesterpre-21 regesterpre-22 regesterpre-23 regesterpre-24 regesterpre-25 regesterpre-26 regesterpre-27 regesterpre-28 regesterpre-29 regesterpre-30 regesterpre-32 regesterpre-34 regesterpre-35 regesterpre-36 regesterpre-37 regesterpre-38 regesterpre-39 regesterpre-40 regesterpre-41 regesterpre-42

david and sarah – wedding

all week the forecast called for rain on david and sarah’s big day, and when the moment finally came, rain just didn’t have it in him. what we got was a overcast, yet dry day full of smiles, a wonderful bridal party and a great party. david and sarah spent their day at hartefeld country club and the setting made for a perfect spring wedding.

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