April 2016

brandon and megan – wedding

brandon and megan kept it simple on their wedding day, but the venue and their friends made for a great wedding day. a cloudy, rainy morning turned into a warm, blue-skied afternoon, just in time for the couple to nestle in in front of family and friends at crossing community church in newtown. the old property had just the right amount of character that paired well with the always-smiling couple.

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zach and kim – brandywine manor house wedding

it wasn’t hard to understand, from references in the speeches to random hints throughout the day, that kim was a planner. like far in advance planner. so needless to say, the details were eloquently put together at the brandywine manor house. the only thing that wasn’t necessarily cooperating was the weather. a rather chilly day for april, with winds making it even chillier, zach and kim would not let the less-than-ideal environment deter them from having the outdoor ceremony overlooking the pond like they dreamed of. their persistence was rewarded with a beautiful ceremony and a great dance party in the barn for the reception.

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