May 2015

scott and lindsay – dewey beach wedding

scott and lindsay got engaged on dewey beach, and the couple returned to the scene to complete to process with a beach wedding. a spider crawling up one of the layers of lindsay’s dress couldn’t derail a beautiful ceremony, setting the tone for a wonderful party at the¬†baycenter at the hyatt place.

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nick and monica – wedding at la massaria

it was one of those days that just seemed to unfold the right way, all day long. from the sun showing up just in time for the ceremony to the random flower meadow found for portraits to a dance floor full of dancing and a patio full of cigars. nick and monica were fantastic hosts and even better in front of the camera.

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ben and mariah – wedding

while the mayweather-pacquiao fight on the same day turned out to be a dud, ben and mariah had themselves a wedding day that was the equivalent of a 15-round classic. starting the day in downingtown, the group went to the willows in villanova and then capped the day with a reception at the desmond in malvern. the dance floor was always crowded and the moves only seemed to get better as the night went on. greenpre-1a greenpre-1b greenpre-2 greenpre-3 greenpre-4 greenpre-5 greenpre-6 greenpre-7 greenpre-8 greenpre-9 greenpre-10 greenpre-11 greenpre-12 greenpre-13 greenpre-14 greenpre-15 greenpre-16 greenpre-17 greenpre-18 greenpre-19 greenpre-20 greenpre-21 greenpre-22 greenpre-23 greenpre-24 greenpre-25 greenpre-26 greenpre-27 greenpre-28 greenpre-29 greenpre-30 greenpre-31 greenpre-33 greenpre-34 greenpre-35 greenpre-36 greenpre-37 greenpre-38 greenpre-39 greenpre-40 greenpre-41 greenpre-42 greenpre-43 greenpre-44 greenpre-45 greenpre-46 greenpre-47 greenpre-48 greenpre-49