January 2015

james and stephanie – engagment

we got lucky, doing an engagement shoot in the middle of january, finding a rather mild afternoon in philadelphia. james and steph introduced me to part of the mural tour through upper darby and towards center city. after checking out some of the impressive art, we landed at waterworks and the art museum for one of the best views in the city.

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josh and christa – wedding

josh and christa braved the elements with a january wedding and got somewhat lucky with a 40-degree day. the result was an enchanting, crisp day that led to beautiful pictures and a great party in the warm confines of riverview country club in easton. the day started in perkasie and souderton and moved north to connelly chapel at desales university.

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joe and christina – NYE wedding in Princeton, NJ


as soon as the fall rush ended, i couldn’t wait for this wedding to finally come. joe and christina are about as fun a couple as you can find (we had our first meeting in a phillies’ tailgate ). knowing their love for live sports and concerts, i had a feeling they’d know how to put on a good party. and boy, was i right. the setting was perfect, with princeton university the backdrop for their first look. from there, they swapped vows at a beautiful greek orthodox church and settled back for the party at the nassau inn. joe, christina and all their friends and family sent 2014 packing the right way, and ended the night with champagne toasts, noise makers and balloons falling from the ceiling. ryan seacrest had nothing on them!



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