October 2016

pete and megan – wedding

pete and megan’s wedding has been a long time coming and it was worth the wait. with the weather a bit windy and chilly, we decided to stay indoors for most of the portraits and i was pleasantly surprised how amazing the luzerne county courthouse was. we toured our way around the dome-topped building and got some unique pictures before venturing to appletree terrace for a wonderful night.

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ben and thao – wedding

ben and thao had the perfect day for an early wedding. tucked away in the cozy confines of the stone barn in kennett square, the duo had some great fall backdrops and added to an afternoon reception by singing with their parents rather than doing parent dances. the uniqueness was a welcomed occurrence and a trip to longwood gardens was the perfect capper.

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adam and jodi – wedding

fall is in my opinion, the best time for a wedding. and adam and jodi picked the perfect venue for an early fall day. while the temperature felt like late summer, the trees had started to turn and the backdrop of a perfect reflecting pond and big old tree made the day seem somewhat magical. between the couple and the venue, it was hard to take a bad picture.

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