ben and thao – wedding

ben and thao had the perfect day for an early wedding. tucked away in the cozy confines of the stone barn in kennett square, the duo had some great fall backdrops and added to an afternoon reception by singing with their parents rather than doing parent dances. the uniqueness was a welcomed occurrence and a trip to longwood gardens was the perfect capper.

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One thought on “ben and thao – wedding

  1. Wow, Thank You for sharing these Magnificent Photos!!!!!!!
    What a Marvelous Spectacular Wedding and Reception – So Reflective of the Two of YOU, Your Love for Each Other, Family and Friends!!!
    From the Moment I met you at ALPHA,Thao and then Ben, I have been Blessed and Awed by your Loving, Giving and Sharing Spirits!!!
    Thank You for letting me Share in Your Lives, Joy, Delight, and Specialness!!!
    Prayers, Blessings and Love,

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