July 2013

chris and christine – wedding

christine made for one of the more enjoyable brides i’ve been able to work for. as a teacher, she was full of spunk and creativity and it came through in a tremendous way the day of her wedding. christine and her handsome groom chris had a beautiful day to get married as well, with the overbearing heat staying away, and nice sunny skies overhead. old classmate nellie morgan helped me out second shooting for the first time and did a great job.20130727-AV7A3705 20130727-AV7A3724 20130727-AV7A3827 20130727-AV7A3839 20130727-AV7A3840 20130727-AV7A3876 20130727-AV7A3930 20130727-AV7A3936 20130727-AV7A3948 20130727-AV7A4102 20130727-AV7A4133 20130727-AV7A4318 20130727-AV7A4333 20130727-AV7A4422 20130727-AV7A4434 20130727-AV7A4514 20130727-AV7A4653 20130727-AV7A4738 20130727-AV7A4747 20130727-AV7A4791 20130727-AV7A4809 20130727-AV7A4828 20130727-AV7A4857 20130727-AV7A4874 20130727-AV7A4896 20130727-AV7A4914 20130727-AV7A5005 20130727-AV7A5044 20130727-AV7A5085 20130727-AV7A5141 20130727-AV7A5252 20130727-AV7A5308 20130727-AV7A5313 20130727-AV7A5360 20130727-AV7A5382 20130727-AV7A5628 20130727-AV7A5794 20130727-AV7A5852 20130727-AV7A5923 20130727-AV7A5983 20130727-AV7A6022 20130727-AV7A6054 20130727-AV7A6057 20130727-IMG_0162 20130727-IMG_0320 20130727-IMG_0381 20130727-IMG_0426 20130727-IMG_2623 20130727-IMG_9736 20130727-IMG_9859 20130727-IMG_9972 montage good

aj and rachel – wedding

well, it was a wedding of firsts for me and probably a lot of the guests involved. a resilient rain storm refused to give up on aj and rachel’s big day, but instead of concede to mother nature, the outdoorsy couple decided to push through and have the wedding beautifully set up at alapocas woods park outside wilmington, delaware. once everyone dried out, for the most part, the party continued at the always-elegant hotel dupont.


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