September 2016

eric and laura – moshulu wedding

at a typical wedding, the groom is normally being dragged out by the bride for a little dancing, at least for the slow songs. eric, on the other hand, set the tone on the dance floor. his moves were smooth and he kept a smile on his bride, laura’s face, as well as everyone else, all night. set on the delaware river on the ship, moshulu, the late summer night air made the¬†perfect environment for eric and laura’s special day.

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jason and tara – brandywine manor house wedding

during jason and tara’s reception at the brandywine manor house, there was something missing… slow songs. outside of the first dance and parent/grandparent dances, anything slow was viewed as a potential deterrent to an amazing celebration. the strategy worked as the dance party went well over three hours. there was plenty to celebrate, after all, as jason and tara made it official in the picturesque barn at bmh. it was one of those weddings where it was hard to take a bad picture. hey, they’re gonna make beautiful babies one day!


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