josh and danielle – wedding

few times at wedding does a heavy metal song serve as the perfect night cap to a reception, but for josh and danielle, it was the perfect conclusion. after a picture-perfect fall-like day at the brandywine manor house, the day shifted from a barn ceremony to a tent reception. with the live band keeping the energy, high, josh and danielle went out their way with disturbed’s let the bodies hit the floor as their grand finale. it was epic.

doug and sammi – wedding

doug and sammi made it easy this past weekend. they were fun and easy going and always had a smile on their face. and they got the greatest weather in the history of august weddings, with a 70-something degree day and perfect skies. the always-photogenic brandywine manor house played host to another great celebration and to top things off, in lieu of a cake they had a tower of donuts. mmmmm, donuts.

matt and rachel – brandywine manor house wedding

it’s fair to say if matt and rachel have kids one day, they’re going to inherit quite a smile. there were plenty of smiles going around last sunday as the rain went away and the sun lit up a beautiful wedding day. the emotions were just as plentiful, as brandywine manor house played a perfect host to a barn wedding, with an energetic reception to follow.

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zach and kim – brandywine manor house wedding

it wasn’t hard to understand, from references in the speeches to random hints throughout the day, that kim was a planner. like far in advance planner. so needless to say, the details were eloquently put together at the brandywine manor house. the only thing that wasn’t necessarily cooperating was the weather. a rather chilly day for april, with winds making it even chillier, zach and kim would not let the less-than-ideal environment deter them from having the outdoor ceremony overlooking the pond like they dreamed of. their persistence was rewarded with a beautiful ceremony and a great dance party in the barn for the reception.

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james and steph – brandywine manor house wedding

the setting was perfect for james and steph, who had only been together for a grand total of 11 years before their beautiful wedding day. the high school sweethearts took over brandywine manor house for the day and the always-enchanting venue was a perfect complement to a fun and quite good-looking wedding party.

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