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After studying journalism at Penn State University to train as a sports writer, I have become jealous of the power of the photograph. I have come to realize that no matter how elegantly I can use words to portray a scene or event, there is something that a picture can portray that my words never can. It's the human element. Being able to see a reaction, whether positive or negative, can tell you all you need to know sometimes.


When I added photography to my repertoire in 2006 I became driven to capture those moments that evoke a feeling that makes you feel like you were there, even if you weren't. And if you were there, it strikes such a memory that you're right back in that place.


Wedding and portrait photography has developed into a passion of mine because giving my clients an opportunity to relive some of their biggest events, or most exciting times of life, is incredibly fulfilling. With my journalism background, my approach is to document your day as candidly as possible. My goal is to capture authentic moments with a creative and casual style.

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